Transfer dirty laundry and bed linen from any place in your home straight to the utility room. LaundryJet saves even 90% of time and energy spent on doing the laundry.
Laundry Jet Eco + 3 ports

Laundry Jet Eco + 3 ports

Inconceivably convenient and fully automated laundry chute. Owing to modern and well‑tried technology, the system ensures reliability and instant transfer of laundry form any room in the building.

Model Eco for houses of up to 250m2.

LaundryJet Industrie

LaundryJet Industrie

Automated laundry chute Laundry Jet Industrie 

  • The device can be built‑in 
  • Automated port closing system  
  • Clothes transfer scanner 
  • Automated self‑emptying 
  • Hotels, guest houses, villas
Laundry Jet PRO + 3 ports

Laundry Jet PRO + 3 ports

Automated laundry chute Laundry Jet PRO

  • Device color can be chosen
  • Ideal for medium and large houses 
  • Automated port closing system  
  • Clothing items transfer scanner 
  • Automated self‑emptying