Energy Saving IPRS 350 recuperator

product code: RESIPRS350
  • 84% efficiency
  • heater, EC ventilators and controller included in the price
  • optimal moisture – air humidity sensor (standard)
  • 4 temperature sensors
  • no need for condensation drain
  • Price inc. VAT 82900 EURO
  • Max. performance350m3/h
  • Filter typeF7/G4
Energy Saving IPRS 350 recuperator  #1

Product overview

Recuperator Energy Saving IPRS

Energy Saving IPRS‑350 model is a wall mounted rotary recuperator with heat recovery. The efficiency of the recuperator is of up to 350m3/h and it is suitable for houses of area over 120m2. Additionally, the recuperator is equipped with a reheater, if you wanted to supply the house with fairly warm air. The model uses F7 filters on the intake and G3 filters on the exhaust.

We offer rotary recuperators based on the newest technologies that guarantee:

  1. Very high efficiency of air exchange and temperature recovery
  2. Moisture transfer function with automatic icing control
  3. Energy efficient RadiCal fans with EC motors
  4. CD4 control panel built‑in on the front of the case
  5. Different settings for air efficiency for both intake and exhaust
  6. Easy start‑up and operation
  7. Modern design
  8. Automatic summer mode (no heat recovery)
  9. Efficiency adjustment depending on currents needs (built‑in humidity sensor)
  10. Hex nipple connector to the extractor hood
  11. Low noise level