Ensy AHU 700 recuperator

product code: REKAHU700BH
  • comfort of breathing – highest air exchange efficiency

  • energy efficient – considerable temperature recovery in summer and winter

  • efficient and quiet – lowest possible noise level

  • optimal moisture – air humidity sensor (standard)

  • three times larger than regular, effective F7 filters (standard)

  • Price inc. VAT 84395 EURO
  • Max. performance850 m3/h
  • Filter type2 x F7
Ensy AHU 700 recuperator #1

Product overview

Ensy AHU 700 recuperatorEnsy AHU 700 recuperator

Reliable and efficient rotary recuperator Ensy AHU 700 with heat recovery, suitable for wall mounting (left and right version), distinguished by exceptionally high efficiency of even 850m3/h. Ideal for houses of medium and large areas.


Along with the rotary exchanger, with the standard equipment we receive: 

  • hydrostat (humidity sensor) that controls the optimal air humidity inside the building
  • additional heater, which can be used in case of very low temperatures outside (below ‑15oC)
  • three times larger than regular, effective F7 filters – possibility to replace with even more convenient F9 filters with active carbon to absorb odours


Rotary recuperator ENSY AHU 700: 

  1. Highy efficient rotary recuperator for medium and large houses, maximum efficiency 850m3/h
  2. High energy saving, low energy consumption even at very low temperatures
  3. Humidity recovery and the function to maintain designated air humidity level
  4. Very quiet operation, from 16 dB
  5. Operating at low temperatures without the reheater
  6. Can be connected to Ensy extractor hood
  7. The recuperator adapted to the new EU guidelines concerning inspection and service
  8. Easy assembly, no need for condensation drain
  9. F7 filters with the possibility of being replaced for F7 filters with active carbon


Ensy AHU 700 rotary recuperator filter


The mobile application provides an extremely fast and easy way of operating the recuperator unit. Durable, reliable and attractive design allows for installing the recuperator in a visible place – it is very quiet, you won’t hear it throughout the day at all and at night it will be muffled by the fridge.

The recuperator unit AHU‑700 is meant for being wall mounted. Ventilation units with temperature recovery from the AHU series has the purpose of meeting current rules and regulations. Additionally, they meet all the requirements for the passive house standard and the clean air program. Check out our air recuperators.


rotary recuperator vs air humidity

Perfect microclimate for you and your family provided by Ensy AHU‑700 recuperator. This Norwegian rotary exchanger offers the efficiency of even 850m3/h and the comfort of breathing appropriately moist air in summer and winter. The recuperator recovers heat in winter and a benign chill during heat waves, at the level of more than 90%.


About Ensy:

  • our own laboratories cooperating with university in Cluj
  • components only from the best European manufacturers
  • production and experience confirmed by certificates since 1903
  • produced in Europe

Parameters of the rotary exchanger AHU 700 

Ensy AHU 700 recuperator efficiency

Ensy rotary exchanger



wymiary rekuperatora obrotowego 700m3