Extractor hood AHU 200 ‑ inc.recuperator

product code: REKOAHU200
  • effective extractor hood​
  • efficient small recuperator with up to 250m3/h exchange 
  • no need for condensation drain 
  • very quiet 
  • low energy consumption even on freezing days 
  • Price3140 EURO
  • Max. performance250 m3/h
  • Filter type2 x F7
Extractor hood AHU 200 - inc.recuperator #1

Product overview

Ensy 200 SLIM – air recuperator in an extractor hoodEnsy 200 Slim - recuperator hood

Rotary recuperator and an extractor hood in one. It is a very popular solution in Scandinavia. The recuperator provides an adequate amount of air in houses of area of up to 100‑110m2 (up to 240m3 of air per hour). AHU 200 Slim being a brand Norwegian heat exchanger product guarantees both a consistently high level of efficiency and a quiet operation.

Recuperator / extractor hood  is a device used to dispose of vapours from the kitchen and exchange the air with heat recovery in the whole house. The available left and right versions of the recuperator with the efficiency of up to 240m3/h makes it suitable for apartments and small houses. This exchanger, as a standard, includes an air humidity sensor, which provides comfortable air and ensures that the air inside the building will not be too dry. Additionally, the model includes a heater, if you wanted to supply the house with very warm air. The recuperator also allows for replacing high class F7 filters for even more convenient, F7 with active carbon that blocks the supply of outside odours.


Ensy AHU 200 SLIM kitchen recuperator


We offer rotary recuperators based on the latest technologies that guarantee:

  1. Very high efficiency of air exchange and temperature recovery 
  2. AHU 200 Slim is also a reliable extractor hood

  3. Very efficient recuperator with the exchange of up to 250m3/h

  4. High energy efficiency, low energy consumption even in very low temperatures
  5. Comfortable, appropriately moist air, moisture recovery
  6. Low noise level, very quiet operation, from 3 dB
  7. Low noise level, can be installed in usable area e.g. in the kitchen 
  8. Easy installation, no condensation drain or water pumps required
  9. Possibility to replace F7 filters for F7 filters with active carbon


rotary kitchen recuperator240m3


The mobile application provides an extremely fast and easy way of operating the recuperator unit. Durable, reliable and attractive design allows for installing the recuperator in a visible place – it is very quiet, you won’t hear it throughout the day at all, at night it will be muffled by the fridge.

The recuperator in the extractor hood AHU‑200 Slim is meant for being wall mounted or built into a kitchen cabinet. Ventilation units with heat recovery from the AHU series have the purpose of meeting current rules and regulations. Additionally, they meet all the requirements for the passive house standard and the clean air program.

Ensy devices are characterized by:

  • our own laboratories which cooperate with university in Cluj
  • components only from the best European manufacturers
  • production and experience since 1903
  • made 100% in Europe

ahu 200 slim hood recuperator


efficiency chart of recuperator hood


Dimensions:wymiary rekuperatora 200 okap z rekuperatorem