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Select Appropriate Cleaning Device for Your Home. What to Choose - Central Vacuum Cleaners or Cleaning Robots?
06 August 2019

Select Appropriate Cleaning Device for Your Home. What to Choose ‑ Central Vacuum Cleaners or Cleaning Robots?

What should you take into account when selecting a vacuum cleaner? When asked, you would probably list features like reliability, long operation time, high efficiency, trouble‑free cleaning and simple, convenient use. Taking these factors into consideration will certainly contribute to choosing a better model. In today’s entry we will juxtapose central vacuum cleaners and cleaning robots. Hopefully, this entry will allow you to select the most appropriate cleaning device that will meet your expectations.

Obviously, these two devices are as different as chalk and cheese. Consequently, they have diverse drawbacks and advantages. In today’s entry we will discuss all the most important benefits of using these two vacuum cleaner types so that after reading it, you can choose a model that suits you best.

The size is the first meaningful difference between these two types of vacuum cleaners. Cleaning robots are definitely more compact. Thanks to it, they don’t require much storage space, moreover, you won’t need to design any installations to enable their proper operation. However, this advantage leads to certain observable effects. First of all, it’s best to use cleaning robots at least every two days or preferably every day. This is due to the fact that small dimensions give very limited cleaning possibilities and this equipment cannot cope with some complicated stains or dirt. Moreover, you will need to clean the brushes every time you use the cleaning robot because otherwise it won’t vacuum properly. After each vacuuming, it’s crucial to empty the tank, in case of big surfaces, it actually may be necessary to empty the tank or charge the device even a few times one day. So if you like to have everything vacuumed everyday and don’t mind cleaning the device each time it’s used, then cleaning robots may be suitable for you.

This situation with central vacuum cleaners looks completely different.

A central vacuum cleaner is definitely more sizable, however, it still doesn’t take too much space in your house ‑ usually, it’s installed in a cellar or other utility room. Even though the device requires special installation, it’s quite uncomplicated and affordable (the installation elements shouldn’t cost more than PLN 500, even in case of big houses). The specification and power makes the central vacuum cleaner effectively remove all dirt, even if you vacuum once a month. These devices are unprecedented in terms of the required attention and work ‑ it’s enough to empty the tank and clean the filter every 4‑6 months, depending on the intensity of use. And when thinking about the possibility to start and stop the device electrically, you can benefit from it for 6 months without even looking at it. That’s not the end, for especially demanding customers, we have prepared maximally convenient maintenance‑free central vacuum cleaners that don’t have filters and empty the tank automatically. In this case, all your work is limited solely to vacuuming.

Kinds of surface matter

It turns out that the cleaning robot is second to none when it comes to cleaning smooth and hard floors such as panels or tiles. However, it’s much worse when it comes to vacuuming soft surfaces such as carpets. This is mainly due to the fact that rotary brushes can get tangled into longer piles and then they will get damaged and it will be necessary to replace them. So if you plan to decorate your house with fluffy carpets, think about buying a cleaning robot twice. Moreover, all elements hinder the work of cleaning robots. On the other hand, central vacuum cleaners perfectly handle all kinds of surfaces both hard and soft ones. All thanks to the set of brushes included in the package, these individual elements allow you to thoroughly vacuum all kinds of surfaces, even carpets with long piles. Powerful motors in central vacuum cleaners provide high suction power that helps to maintain cleanliness of every surface.

One more difference between central vacuum cleaners and cleaning robots.

Cleaning robots aren’t the most effective when it comes to dealing with all obstacles like furniture, chairs or tables. Consequently, if you have a lot of such problematic elements, the floor near them won’t be vacuumed thoroughly and you will need to clean it again on your own. Moreover, robots are considerably loud. Manufacturers compare the volume of operation of these devices to blenders, and as you know blenders are pretty loud and can even wake children up). This may be surprising as the compact size could imply that the device is quiet. There is one more thing that needs to be mentioned ‑ cleaning robots operate on a similar principle as traditional vacuum cleaners, consequently when turned on, they suck in air and then blow the dusty air out and pollute the room. This way, using this device equals all rooms in the house getting dusty.

On the other hand, central vacuum cleaners transfer everything that is sucked in to the installation and then directly to the central unit, therefore, the device doesn’t produce any dusty air. The location of the device is another advantage, central vacuum cleaners are installed in the utility room or basement which helps to reduce the noise, the device is very quiet, you will only hear the air sucked into the hose. When it comes to the accuracy of cleaning, central vacuum cleaners allow you to thoroughly vacuum every place in the household ‑ stairs, all nooks and crannies, places under or next to furniture and all elements that can't be reached by cleaning robots. Installing a system of sockets and in‑wall retractable hose on each floor guarantees extraordinary comfort of using the central unit. You don’t need to carry anything around with you, just pull out the required amount of hose, the device will turn on automatically and you can vacuum. Effective, efficient and comfortable.

To sum up…

...The cleaning robot is a great tool for cleaning single‑storey, small houses with as many empty spaces on the floor as possible. Consequently, users don’t have to get too involved in the cleaning process and are satisfied with the results. It’s an ideal extra cleaning equipment that is particularly useful when, for example, something is spilled on the floor and needs to be vacuumed really quickly. On the other hand, central vacuum cleaners are comprehensive devices that can clean everything. Thanks to the automated technology, you can access your home cleaning system anytime you wish which is extremely useful and convenient.

So, when it comes to these two devices, you can choose between:

  • A small (small motor, small trash tank, small battery) cleaning robot, which is an automatic device, ideal for one‑storey rooms. Such a vacuum cleaner is very helpful, but when used in a sizable house it may require frequent maintenance. Moreover, it has difficulties with cleaning hard‑to‑reach places. It should also be borne in mind that this is a delicate device with high sensitivity to damage, and because of its design and the large amount of electronics, it isn't really possible to determine how long it will work without any breakdowns.
  • A central vacuum cleaner that is reliable and big (powerful motor, large dirt tank), has minimal amount of electronics that enables convenient functionality. Thanks to it, it will serve you for many years (it can operate properly even up to 20 years, provided you care about it appropriately). It takes up more space, requires special installations and despite all the conveniences, you still need to grab the hose and vacuum everything by yourself. However, this device is a real tycoon that will clean simply everything and all the surfaces.

Only you can determine which of these two devices will be more suitable for your house. Everything is up to you. However, if you are thinking about purchasing a central vacuum cleaner now or in the future, remember that it requires a special installation. Don’t worry ‑ it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, even in case of big houses, all the necessary elements shouldn’t cost more than PLN 500. And you have to admit that when compared to the amounts spent on the house, this sum resembles a kid's pocket money. So, simply make the installation when building the house and then buy your central vacuum cleaner anytime you are ready.